Make More Money with Inline Adsense in Blogger Posts

Blogger has now made it possible for you to make even more money! You can now add Inline Adsense advertisements between your blog posts.

As we have seen before you can add Adsense Ads. by selecting the Adsense Widget when adding widgets to your blog. If you want to include channel information also copy and paste the Adsense code into a Html Page Element.

Now with this method (Inside AdSense: Get inline) you can add Adsense Ads. between your blog posts inline with them. To do this login at and click on 'Layouts' link for your blog. In the Page Elements tab click on 'Edit' link in the Blog Posts widget. Scroll down in the popup window and check the box next to Show Ads Between Posts. You can then select how often you'd like your ads to appear, such as once after every post or once after every other post.

It also allows you to Customize your Adsense Ads. After customizing save the changes. At the moment search boxes and referral units cannot be added in this fashion. Since the optimum method is to have most of your Ads. above 'the fold' ( which is the viewable area of the screen when you open a site without having to scroll down ) use the Expandable Summaries hack to show only a summary of your posts on the Main Page with a 'Read More' link to the full post.

Using this method your posts on the Main Page will only contain a sentence or two and thus more posts and Adsense will be seen above the fold.
By Admin n E.K

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