How to Add Email Link Below the Posts in Blogger

You can put your email link below your posts but it will be picked up by spam bots and then your inbox will soon be full of thousands of spam mails. It will be better to follow this method of putting it.......

First you will have to create an image out of your email link. For this go to :

Email Generator


Follow the steps to make an image out of your email and then download it to your PC. Create an account at a freehost like Googlepages and upload the image there. Copy down the link of the uploaded image.

Login to Blogger Dasbhoard. Click on layouts for the blog where you want to add the link. Click on Edit Html tab at the top. First backup the template by clicking on Download Full Template link. Then put a check in Expanded widgets Template box and scroll down in Edit Template text box till you come to this line in Blog Posts widget :

<p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'>

Paste the line below just under the code above :

<img src="URL OF UPLOADED EMAIL IMAGE" alt="my email" />

Replace the CAPS with the link of your uploaded image. Preview and save Template.


To make a clickable image link paste this code instead at the same position :

<a href=""><img src="URL OF UPLOADED EMAIL IMAGE" alt="my email" /></a>

Instead of put your own address. This method carries the risk of the address being harvested by spam bots. Save Template. Now clicking on the image will open the Compose Mail window with the address already filled in and the subject title as Hello Again.
By Admin n E.K

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