How to Change Posts order in Blogger

To change the order of your posts in Beta Blogger..............

remenber that posts are ordered according to "LATEST POSTED FIRST ON PAGE" rule. Hence the newest posts are first with earlier posts lower down in the order. The first post you made when you created the blog is the last on the page.

To change this order login to Dashboard. Click on Posts link after 'Manage:' under name of your blog. You will se a list of all your posts with links to Edit, View or Delete them. Click on Edit link of the post you want to change the date of. The Posts Editor opens with its two modes : Edit HTML and Compose. The second mode is present only if you have enabled it in Settings as described in Set Settings Part1. The bottom frame of the Posts Editor contains a link 'Post Options'. Click on it to expand the frame as shown in above image. (Click on image to view it better). In the expanded frame you can change the Posts Date and time.

If you want this post to be the first post always in this blog then set the date to any time as far in the future as it will allow it to be set. This is because once that day arrives and you post more posts this post will start migrating downwards like the rest. Till then it will remain a "sticky" post at the top of your blog.

This is frequently used by bloggers who wish to post a book with chapters and all in their blog and want the first post to be a "Table of Contents". To see an example see here. Also you should have Post Pages enabled by going to Settings--->Archiving.

By Admin n E.K

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