My Blog last 10 Days Stats-O-Rama!!

When I created this blog on 27th of December 2007,I was wondering to have 1000 unique visitors per day.It was a great and difficult target.But today i think my wish is coming true and in just two months i have got more than 500 unique visitors per day.My unique visitors increases very fast in the last 10 days.Here is my blog stats from 17 feb 2008 to 27 feb 2008 (Last 10 days):
I was amazed that the stats increased very much in the last 10 days as you see but before it the stats was very low as you can see below from 6 feb 2008 to 16 feb 2008:

I think you have also noticed the returning visits number which is very low.So I think that my wish is coming true:)
What you say?
By Admin n E.K

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