What are Permalinks in Blogger?

This is a question which often pops up in the minds of new bloggers. We know a link or a hyperlink is the address of a web resource or web page. These are also called as URLs or addresses. To get to these resources we type the link in the address bar of the browser and hit Enter on keyboard.

A Permalink is a composite word made up of 'Permanent' + 'Link'. It is the link of a post in a blog. It may be any blog on any blogging platform. Once a post is published it is given a link or address so that you can access it directly by typing the Permalink in the address bar of your browser.

A Permalink on Blogger takes this form :


As you can see it ends with the first 4 to 6 words of your post title. So make sure to type in the most important keywords in the first 4 or 6 words of your posts.

In the new layout blogger templates post titles are linked to their own Permalinks unless you use the link field below the title field. You use the link field to link to articles on the web which are referenced by your blog post. It is also used to put in links to podcasts.

You can use both Permalinks on your post titles and the link field to point to a related article which your blog post references.

Changing the date of the post does not change the Permalink.

After publishing a post if you edit it a second time and change the post title the Permalink does not change. Only the post title changes.

By Admin n E.K

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