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If you have been blogging for some time now and have installed Google Analytics in your blog you can find out which of your blog posts attracts most visitors. You can also do this with Statcounter but it offers a limited log size. To get the full log you have to upgrade to premium version. With Google Analytics you get all information free.............

It is important to know which posts are popular for two reasons. One, if you know which topic interests your visitors the most you can write further on that topic and give more information to your visitors who will keep coming back to your blog. Secondly you can put up this list of Most Popular Posts in your sidebar so that new visitors can quickly scan the list and click on the links instead of having to search your blog.

Firstly install Google Analytics in your blog. Then after allowing some time for Google to collect data login to Google Analytics. The default page will open with a list of all your blogs which have Google Analytics installed in them. Click the down arrow next to View Reports and select your blog. In the sidebar at the bottom is a calendar with title 'Date Range'. Click the 'Enter Range' icon in the calendar bar and it will expand (see picture below )

Click on image to enlarge it.

You can change the dates in it by clicking on the arrow next to months. Enter the first date in the left calendar by clicking on date and the next date in the right calendar. Then click Apply Range at the bottom. The calendar will contract into the sidebar and the page will refresh with data between the two dates.

Then click on Arrow next to Content Optimization (under All Reports)in sidebar. It will expand down. Click on Plus sign next to Content Performance and click on Top Content in expanded column. See arrow 1 in picture below :

Click on image to enlarge it.

In the main column you will get a list of all your popular posts during the period along with their page views. If you click on the icons in the top right hand border of the main column (Arrow 2) you can download the list as a Excel, Tab separated text or XML file.

After getting the list of your Most Popular Posts you can put them in the sidebar in a Link-List or Html/Javascript Page Element.

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