How to Add a Google Search Engine to a Blog

You can add a Google Custom Search Engine to your blog............

like I have done at the top of the right sidebar. A Custom Search Engine can be used for the following purposes :

  • To place a search box and search results on your website.
  • To specify or prioritize the sites you want to include in searches.
  • To customize the look and feel to match your website.
  • To invite your community to contribute to the search engine.
  • To reflect your interests and knowledge.
  • To make money from the resulting traffic.
To create this search engine go to and click on Create a Search Engine Button. There are only two steps to follow. First specify the Search Engine Settings. Here you give a name and description to your search engine. add keywords and specify the language. Also specify the sites to search and whether these sites are to be emphasized inthe search or solely searched. Lastly specify who can collaborate and check the Agree to Terms of Service and click Next.

In the next step you can try it out and customize it further. After doing so click Finish. You will be taken to a page where all your search engines are listed with links to manage them. Click on the 'control panel' link in front of the name of your search engine. Click on Look and Feel link to further add a logo to your results page. Paste the url of yourlogo in the 'Provide the URL for your logo: ' text field and Save. Now when your readers enter their queries into your search engine they will get a results page with your logo at the top. See image below (click on it to magnify) :

Try it out by entering a term in the search engine at the top of my right sidebar and pressing Search.

You can make money with the new search engine using Adsense by clicking on the 'Make Money' link in the control panel. In the next window add all the details of your Adsense accountso that the Ads. start appearing in the results page.

Click on Code link in the control panel to get the code for your search engine. Copy all the code in the Search box code for your website and paste it into a Html/Javascript Page Element in your sidebar.

You can also syndicate your Custom Search Engine by adding a Add to Google button to your webpage. When users click on the button your Custom Search Engine will be added to their personalized Google homepage as a Google Gadget. Get the link code for it by clicking on code link in control panel and paste it similarly as above in your sidebar. It will look like this :

Add to Google

By Admin n E.K

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